[Tokyo] Logistics Museum


clock1 to 3 hours


    In the "Logistics Museum", we will introduce the mechanism of the modern logistics industry and the history of logistics from the Edo period to the Showa era.
    The facility consists of two floors above ground and one below ground, and is located in a residential area.
    Through the structure and history of logistics, you can view your everyday life from a slightly different angle.
    Inside the building, there are many things that your child will be happy with, including the "Cargo-kun's Logistics Quiz" corner of the mascot.
    In addition, there is a corner where you can learn while playing, such as "carrying about" where you can experience old tools and "logistics jumbo puzzles" that are as big as one tatami mat.
    Especially, the "diorama model of the logistics terminal" where you can see one scene related to the logistics of trucks, railroads, ships, and airplanes, and the "transformation kit" where you can try on the uniforms of drivers and truck drivers of freight locomotives are very popular with children!

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