Top Tokyo Attractions

What is Tokyo known for? The capital city of Japan is popular for its union of deep Japanese tradition and modern energy. Visiting Tokyo at least once in a lifetime is something everyone in the world shouldn’t miss. From the luxury Imperial palace to the fantastic East-Central Honshu which is the largest of Japan’s main islands, there are uncountable activities to do in Tokyo. Some of the most popular attractions in Tokyo include The Meiji Shrine, Gyoen National Garden, Ueno Zoo, Senso-Ji Temple, Ginza District, Tokyo Skytree, and many more. Tokyo also holds the record of the world’s most expensive city but also the easiest to move around thanks to its rail and subway network of subway. Your vacation to Tokyo is sure to be filled with fantastic sightseeing experience of how ancient history is mixed with contemporary atmosphere.

What activities can you do in Tokyo? Activities like bus sightseeing tours are advisable for first-time travelers who don’t know how to navigate the busy interconnected roads. There are multiple hop on hop off bus tours in Tokyo too that will help travelers alight at bus stops close to famous attractions. Walking tours are also great options to connect with the city. Tour guides on walking or bike tours will help you communicate with the locals, thereby having unforgettable memories of how lovely they are. What foods can you find in Tokyo? With the help of food tours, you will explore Tokyo’s internationally noted cuisines in the various taverns and food hubs. Furthermore, you shouldn’t explore the land areas and forget the shores. Your vacation is definitely not complete if you don’t take a cruise tour in Tokyo. Especially when finding what activities to do at night in Tokyo, taking a relaxing boat tour is an option you shouldn’t miss doing.

How do you get the right tours to book in Tokyo? There are numerous ticket companies in Tokyo, and there are some of them that give travelers stress. This is why we’ve carefully handpicked the best ones by reading honest travelers’ comments on them. We also compare their prices from top suppliers and provide adequate information to help travelers decide which fits their preferences. Dive in!

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